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The Compassionate Eye

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Beginning a New Journey into Inner Peace

Oct 12, 2010

The Compassionate Eye is changing its direction from today. Eckhart Tolle wrote a book that followed The Power of Now—a second book, which was published before he wrote the book Oprah picked for her book club, A New Earth.

This book is called Stillness Speaks and it’s a wonderfully insightful and incredibly powerful read. So we are going to begin slowly working our way through it in this daily blog.

Eckhart begins this book by explaining that a true teacher doesn’t have anything to teach in the normal way we think of teaching. Authentic spiritual teaching isn’t focused on giving information, teaching a new belief system, or trying to put into practice rules of conduct.

The only function of a true spiritual teacher is to help us remove whatever separates us from the truth of who we already are.

There exist all kinds of systems for self-improvement. You can learn all sorts of new techniques, new ideas, new practices. Most of these are based on thought, however. If you use these systems you will perhaps experience a measure of improvement in your life.

But the thing all of us are seeking can’t be achieved by self-improvement. It doesn’t come from adding to our information. Systems of thought can’t get us there.

At the heart of each of us is what has been described as a “peace that passes understanding.” That is, we can’t figure out how to generate this peace. It doesn’t come about as a consequence of our intentions and efforts. It’s not something we can think our way into, talk our way into, or affirm our way into.

All the peace we could ever desire is already present in us because the essence of who we are is the eternal peace of pure being, out of which we have sprung.

As you read these words, what are you feeling right now?

Can you feel the peace that’s bedrock to your being, or are you wishing you could somehow enter into this peace?

It doesn’t matter what your circumstances are, even if they are extremely difficult, even turbulent right now.

Beneath whatever angst, fear, worry, grief, sadness, or anger you may be experiencing, your true being is already totally peaceful.

If you don’t have Eckhart’s book Stillness Speaks, pick up a copy at your local bookstore or order one at a special reduced price directly from our online store. Join us daily on a life-changing journey for the next several months.


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sharonbotha's picture

This is great news, I have owned a copy of Stillness Speaks for a long time and welcome the opportunity to revisit it on a daily basis, thank you.