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Eckhart Tolle Shows How You Can Relax in Difficult Times, Instead of Worrying and Stressing Out

Jan 18, 2011

Daily Spiritual Insight from Eckhart Tolle's Stillness Speaks

Can you imagine living your life free of all worry about what might or might not happen?

We worry when we are invested in something in such a way that we are attached to it and need a particular outcome in order to feel at peace.

The fact is, things don’t always go the way we wish they would—and sometimes they go completely topsy-turvy.

Eckhart Tolle shows us a better approach than worrying. In Stillness Speaks, he writes:

By knowing yourself as the awareness in which phenomenal existence happens, you become free of dependency on phenomena and free of self-seeking in situations, places, and conditions. In other words: what happens or doesn’t happen is not that important anymore.

When we are no longer dependent on certain things happening a particular way—when it truly doesn’t matter to us how things turn out—we gain a remarkable freedom from worry.

At a time when so many are losing their homes in the present economy, along with being out of work, the ability to be detached from having to have things a certain way results in great peace of mind.

There’s a wonderful spinoff from becoming free of worrying about what might happen. We free up energy that’s presently being frittered away by our worrying.

Eckhart describes it this way:

Things lose their heaviness, their seriousness. A playfulness comes into your life. You recognize this world as a cosmic dance, the dance of form—no more and no less.

If we lose the heaviness, the seriousness, and become playful, we have the energy needed to join in the dance just as it is, without trying to turn it into a different kind of dance.

The struggle then goes out of life.

If you are facing what seems like a really difficult time right now, can you recall other times in the past when you went through difficulties and yet life went on? Well, life will go on again in your present difficulties also.

Relaxing and enjoying the dance, instead of stressing and fretting, enables each step to flow to the next.

By taking just this step that’s asked of us right now, not worrying about where the dance will lead, we find ourselves treating life playfully.

Amazingly, things then have a way of being okay—indeed, more than okay, because we have grown in our flexibility, resilience, and trust.

We discover we can appreciate being who we are whatever our circumstances—that our peace and joy, coupled with the ability to love, aren’t dependent on things having to go a certain way.


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