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The Pain-Body and Spirituality

Aug 20, 2010

What Eckhart Tolle calls the pain-body whispers to us just when we have the potential of enjoying ourselves, "Be unhappy!"

How often we follow it's advice.

In each moment there is a choice.

We can allow the misery of the pain-body to overwhelm us, telling ourselves all kinds of negative things about ourselves or our life.

Or we can choose to recognize the pain-body for what it is: not who we truly are at all, but something we picked up from family and society as we were growing up.

In that moment of recognition, we are free to opt for the joy of being that's inherent in us. It's something we don't have to try to feel or try to make happen. It doesn't require us to manufacture it. This joy just is.

If you cast your eyes across the face of the world to all of the different peoples who are trying to be spiritual in one tradition or another, so much of it involves an impoverished view of ourselves and a lot of effort. You'd think it's hard work to be spiritual.

None of this is necessary.

The reality is that most so-called spiritual practices take us in the wrong direction, right into the clutches of our pain-body.

Imagine: a pain-body with a spiritual or religious face! That's the primary face of spirituality we've been shown for thousands of years.

It's an actor's mask. It's not who we really are.

It's the act we put on to impress ourselves and everyone else with how sincerely we are "seeking."

Do you want to be a seeker all your life? Your pain-body would love that.

There is something easy and natural about authentic spirituality.

It's just you being you, unvarnished, in any given moment.

It's a spontaneous, effortless way of being that springs up automatically each moment we are in the Now.

Could anything be simpler?

*Editor's Note: If this topic speaks to you, you will enjoy the ongoing study of the book The Little Prince in The Sunday Blog, found every day under the Inspiration tab, author blogs, David Robert Ord.

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