Conscious Health

Ron Garner

An award winning book that invites you to take charge of your personal wellbeing and become your own primary health provider


If you've ever wished for practical, easy to understand yet comprehensive information on the principles that must be followed in order protect or restore your health, Conscious Health brings you a natural health library in a single book. With the awareness that Conscious Health offers, we can move from hoping for health to the conscious creation of it. Indeed, health researcher Ron Garner shows us how to become our own primary health provider. Read from cover to cover or used as a family reference manual, Conscious Health is timely, transformational, content-rich, and readily accessible, presenting us with a personal health plan in the form of five keys we can utilize to ensure optimum health and lifelong vitality. Using simple language, we are shown in clear terms what we need to do if the body is to be healthy. There’s so much information in this book to filter into your life. The more information you allow into your living patterns, the better you'll feel physically and mentally.


Ron Garner

Canadian Ron Garner, BEd, MSc, is a health researcher, educator, author, and speaker. Conscious Health is a result of the knowledge he acquired in the process of regaining his own health after he retired from his career in education in the public school system as a teacher, principal, deputy superintendent, and regional superintendent. Conscious Health won the prestigious Nautilus Award in the USA as the best health and healing book of the year.