Living as God: Healing the Separation

Rob McRae

At the heart of the world's spiritual paths is an insight that can transform not only our personal lives but the very way we operate as a world. Discover what sages from time immerial have been pointing to - and see how your life changes for the better


Our spiritual journey is directed toward God. Ultimately, we all are striving to be like God. This is not blasphemous or egotistical, but honest. It’s evidence that we are wanting to remember our Source. If we don’t experience our divinity, it’s because we have severed ourselves from unconditionally loving ourselves and those around us. The moment this feeling is recaptured, we experience the presence of God—as us. In the process, we discover God. This is what we have been practicing to do all of our lifetimes—to be love, to be divine presence.

Living as God combines the best of Christianity, Buddhism, Zen, and other teachings to awaken us to both our divinity and essential oneness. As we awaken, we increasingly embody God. Indeed, we cannot help but embody God, for we are already the fullness of the Creator. Living As God has been described as a “modern day Bible.” Because spiritual teacher Rob McRae presents us with a collection of vignettes that invite meditation and reflection, readers can open the book at the beginning or go to any section within the book.


Rob McRae

Rob McRae wrote Living as God as a way of integrating a series of spiritual awakenings that happened between the ages of 18 and 20. Having worked and volunteered at a local hospital for over 10 years, most recently he has been working with a spirituality group for inpatient psychiatric patients and teaching meditation to adults in substance withdrawal management. McRae studied world religions and non-duality in India, traveled around Ontario, Chicago, California, and Holland to lecture on the teachings of Living as God, and has presented at the Omega Institute in New York.