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Publisher:Namaste Publishing
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Published:September 2008

The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process (book) by David Berceli

Transcend Your Toughest Times

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Format:Paperback / softback

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A digital download (mp4) of the DVD is available exclusively at our online store, link here:

The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process, in real time (MP4 digital download) by David Berceli

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The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process (e-book) by David Berceli

Life is stressful, anxiety provoking, and frequently traumatic. The result is that many of us are hurting, and often we are unaware of how deep our hurt runs. 

The painful experiences we go through aren’t simply “over and done with” once we pass through them, however. They each leave their mark, etched deep into both the psyche and the body, affecting how well we function from this point onwards.

The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process shows, in simple language, the effects that stress, anxiety, and trauma have on our mental wellbeing and our physical health. We discover that trauma is par for the course in any life, but that even the most damaging events can become a pathway to a more fulfilling and meaningful experience.

The magic of the approach of David Berceli's Trauma Release Process is that it can be utilized by anyone, any place on the planet, even when professional help is beyond the individual's reach. A person can use the process either as a stand-alone stress reduction or trauma release process or in conjunction with other modalities. The exercises are versatile and can be used to affect a wide range of hyperarousal states such as anxiety, irritability, exaggerated, startle response, etc. These exercises can help to reestablish a person's psychophysical homeostasis by relaxing body tension and returning them to an emotionally healthy place.

Therapists, counselors, life coaches, together with emergency response personnel, will find the Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) detailed by Berceli a powerful adjunct in their work of restoring wholeness to human life everywhere.

The Chinese Government has chosen Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) as one of four modalities to be used in the recovery assistance program of the earthquake survivors of Sichuan Province.


TRE Self-Regulation Guidelines:

These exercises should be done only if they are pleasurable and you feel safe and grounded in the process. If you begin to experience physical pain adjust your position and/or modify the speed or intensity in a way that relieves the pain. If no adjustment and/or modification can be found, stop the process, sit up and get a glass of water.

If you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed and/or uncomfortable, slow down or stop the TRE process until you feel safe and grounded again. Once again sit up and get a glass of water.

If you are doing TRE for the first time, TRE®, LLC recommend you only tremor for a maximum of 15 minutes and only do TRE 3 or 4 times a week.

Once you have learned the skills of “self regulation” and you have been doing TRE for a few weeks you can lengthen your tremor time and/or increase your frequency at your own discretion.!


Special Conditions and Directives:

It is imperative that persons with any clinical diagnoses or psychiatric conditions, or persons taking medications for any diagnoses or conditions, consult their medical professional or a Certified TRE Provider* to ensure they learn TRE self-regulation appropriately and correctly. It is your responsibility to match your needs with the skills of your Certified TRE® Provider. You can contact a Certified TRE Provider if you have questions or if you feel anxious, confused and/or concerned.

*Certified TRE Providers have a wide range of professional expertise, skills and experiences. It is your responsibility to research the qualifications of the person you contact to make sure they have the knowledge, skills & experience you need for your particular situation. Each provider is independent of TRE, LLC and it is their responsibility to work within their scope of practice and license