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Publisher:Namaste Publishing
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Published:July 2011

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The Illusion of One's Life Story & the Reality of Being (digital download), 5 Volumes

Eckhart Tolle at the Omega Institute 2003

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What is your relationship with the present moment?

In the words of Eckhart Tolle in these talks, for many the answer would be that "they left it." They have no real relationship with the present moment.

Instead of being present in this moment now, almost everybody is in a state of waiting for what comes next. This is the state that creates the tension so many of us feel within us, Eckhart explains.

Test yourself on this. Allow yourself to feel exactly what you are feeling at this particular moment. Do you notice at least a small amount of stress? It's caused by the fact that in your mind, you're in a place that's different from simply being in this moment now.

"Everything is compulsive when you are not there as the witnessing presence," says Eckhart in the video collection The Illusion of One's Life Story and the Reality of Being, filmed at the Omega Institute, formerly a set of DVDs and now available as an immediate download.

"Why can't I stop my mind?" people ask when they begin to realize just how compulsive their thoughts are and admit they don't know how to stop thinking and end the stress thought generates.

If we step back from our thoughts and simply watch them as they pop up and run through our mind, we realize we are something deeper than thought. We are pure being — consciousness expressing itself in a flowering in the human species that's now breaking through as a part of the evolving process unfolding on our planet.

There is an alive Presence in you of which you can become continuously conscious. It wants to flower in your unique human form. In fact, this is the most natural step for any human being to take at this point in our long evolutionary journey. 

To not take this step into being is to generate further distress for ourselves, akin to a caterpillar resisting its inevitable metamorphosis.

A caterpillar's existence is just fine until its evolutionary transformation begins to happen. As this change gets underway, what worked until now for the caterpillar no longer works. Were it to try to stay a caterpillar, it would become dysfunctional — as we now see happening with humans.

The caterpillar doesn't get better and better at crawling as it evolves — it leaves crawling behind and flies off almost weightlessly. Such a transformation is what we are invited to experience in our everyday lives.

It's no longer necessary for you to be immersed in thinking and the anxiety that it triggers. Being, enjoyed in consciousness, is the new way to live on this planet. 

In seven-and-a-half hours of video teaching, Eckhart Tolle covers a variety of topics that point the way to becoming present in our daily experience, ending the stress that arises from our habitual waiting for the "next thing" to happen.

Titles in the series are:

  *Waking Up to the Reality of One's True Nature

  *Reality Is Beyond Thought

  *The Light Behind the Unheard and the Unseen

  *Q&A: Meditation, Breath, Awareness, Politics, Children, Posture

  *Laughter Breaks Through the Ego, Q&A

The five-volume video series is available for instant download at the low cost of $29.95. Click on the cover below to download your set of these truly wonderful videos.