Transform Your Life Through Sacred Geometry

Ivan Rados

To gaze at a yantra is to enter the heart of our being, where we encounter an aspect of ourselves that is one with the sacredness in which the whole of reality is based


On the front of this box, you are looking at a YANTRA. This beautiful artwork is likely different from anything you’ve seen because the design is based on the principles of sacred geometry on which nature is built, and indeed the universe.

No matter what’s going on in your life, simply looking at a yantra can bring you into that still place within you where all is peaceful. Here you’ll find the joy that's lacking in so many of us as we go about our daily routine. You’ll discover how blissful it is to live in the sacred wholeness of your deepest being. You’ll also experience that wise part of yourself that can provide you with the answers to every challenging issue you face—sadness, depression, loneliness, anger, problems at work, or difficulties in your love life.

The box set contains 52 yantras on 5" x 5" glossy cards, together with a book of meditations specific to each yantra and an explanation of sacred geometry.


Ivan Rados

Ivan Rados was born in the former Yugoslavia and is an internationally recognized artist whose work is displayed in many European museums and private collections around the world. He now uses his art exclusively in his work as an energy healer and spiritual guide, aiding individuals in not only healing themselves but in experiencing the power of an awakened consciousness. He travels extensively, sharing his wisdom by facilitating classes, seminars, and retreats.


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Ivan Rados