Your Forgotten Self

David Robert Ord

Learn from a master how to truly love and be yourself, becoming fully alive and living without guilt or apology


Few of us know the peace and joy Jesus did. Why? Because we imagine Jesus was fundamentally different from us. We think there's something "wrong" with us that needs fixing. It's this self-doubt, even self-hatred, that we begin picking up from the world around us the moment we are conceived that's the cause of all our dysfunction. This is why we "miss the mark," like an archer missing the bull's eye, which is the original meaning of that horribly distorted word "sin." As long as we don’t recognize that Jesus is a reflection of our true self, we’ll always be searching. We even proudly create an identity for ourselves of "seekers," whereas Jesus said that if we truly seek, we find. We don't need to spend a lifetime seeking. We can enter into all the bliss of a heavenly life now, a life in which we never feel needy—“never thirst again.”

To become a believer is to see yourself mirrored in Jesus. To have faith is to understand yourself as Jesus understood himself. When this happens, the power of the Christ consciousness floods our everyday life. We begin to live as Jesus in each and every moment.


David Robert Ord

In addition to writing Your Forgotten Self, David Robert Ord is author of Lessons On Loving in the Little Prince and coauthor of The Coming Interspiritual Age with Dr. Kurt Johnson. Born in Harrogate, Yorkshire, he grew up and was educated in England, lived in New Zealand for five years, and from 1979 has resided in the United States where he serves as Editorial Director for Namaste Publishing. Having studied at the Graduate Theological Union of Berkeley, he is a graduate of San Francisco Theological Seminary and served some years as a Presbyterian minister.


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David Robert Ord

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