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Award winning, New York Times bestseller, The Conscious Parent by Shefali Tsabary, PHD is now available as an audiobook on, and iTunes.

The Conscious Parent

Those who have completed The Presence Process claim it has changed their perception and improved their experience of life.  Maybe it's your time to do the Process.

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Lessons on Loving
Lessons on Loving in The Little Prince follows the storyline of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's beloved tale of how a little boy with a love of art is discouraged from being true to himself and instead grows up to be a pilot who finds it...

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Namaste Publishing author Dr Shefali was back on Oprah's Lifeclass again for two new powerful shows this past September! Follow the buzz on Facebook about Dr Shefali and conscious parenting. And look for reruns of these episodes and the Super...
Spirituality & Practice, a multi-faith and interspiritual website providing resources for spiritual journeys, has named Namaste Publishing book The Coming Interspiritual Age,by Kurt Johnson and David Ord, a Best Spiritual Book for 2013. The...
Blog Series: God RealizationInspired by the works of Joel Goldsmith#1"May I Come In?"  By Constance KelloughEvery once in awhile, I read a story that is so powerful, contains such indisputable truth. that it stays with me thereafter.  It...

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