The Coming Interspiritual Age

Kurt Johnson and David Robert Ord

A review of our long evolutionary journey, leading to an inspiring vision of what our future could become - if we take the unprecedented leap in consciousness that now looms before us


In the shrinking world of the jet age, the current escalating clash of world religions was inevitable. With polarized views driving terrorism and increasingly invasive counterterrorism, where will it end? It depends on whether the world’s religions rediscover their core insights and bring them to bear on the everyday lives of believers.

Offering provocative insights into the inherent unity within the world’s religions and their shared mystical understandings, The Coming Interspiritual Age builds on the vision of interspirituality originally put forward by Brother WayneTeasdale. Drawing on the essential insights of the world’s ancient wisdom traditions, this is the first book to predict the future in the context of a synthesis of interfaith, interspirituality, modern scientific studies of consciousness, the developmental and evolutionary views of history outlined in the popular writings of integral leaders Ken Wilber and Don Beck, the ongoing processes of world globalization and multiculturalism, the emergent understanding of the divine feminine, and individuals’ actual experiences of spirituality globally. As they lay out the steps we are now well capable of taking as a species, peer with the authors into the glorious future that’s becoming a real possibility for the first time in our long evolutionary journey.



Kurt Johnson

Dr. Kurt Johnson is well known internationally as a scientist, comparative religionist, social activist, and former monastic. Holding a PhD in evolution, ecology, systematics, and comparative biology, he has also had extensive training in comparative religion and philosophy. He is author of 7 books on ecology and evolution, among other writings. 

David Robert Ord

David Robert Ord is a former Presbyterian (USA) minister and Graduate of San Francisco Theological Seminary. Author of Your Forgotten Self and Lessons On Loving in the Little Prince, he is also coauthor with Dr Robert B. Coote of The Bible's First History, In the Beginning, and Is the Bible True?—Understanding the Bible Today.

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David Robert Ord

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