Hildegard of Bingen: A Saint for Our Times

Matthew Fox

The words of Saint Hildegard are as relevant today for our personal lives and our world situation as they were in her own time. Hear her powerful message afresh from the impassioned pen of a giant of spiritual teaching


It has taken from the 12th century until the 21st to declare Hildegard a Saint and Doctor of the Roman Catholic Church. In the pages of this book, Hildegard’s teachings and warnings live again. As she points out the injustices of her time, we recognize them as the same injustices of our time, only magnified.

Hildegard warns us of the consequences of the mistreatment and marginalizing of women, oppression of the poor and powerless, destruction of our environment, and the dangers of a patriarchal system run wild. Demanding reform of society’s institutions and social structures, she appeals to all of us to live in integrity with our espoused principles. She especially implores our leaders to wield their influence “wisely.”

Hildegard also tells us how to bring light to the dark places in our lives, and thus our world. While on the one hand she urges us to “be useful,” to nurture nature, and to speak up against injustice wherever we find it, she also reminds us to sing, to dance, to be creative, and to celebrate life.

Matthew Fox wields his pen passionately, putting us in touch with the animating and reforming power of Hildegard as she urges us to “wake up.” Dare we ignore her plea?


Matthew Fox

Matthew Fox is a popular and controversial theologian, speaker, and author of more than 25 books that expose the corruption and patriarchal hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church. He is the founder of the Institute in Culture and Creation Spirituality in Oakland, CA.