Manuscript Submissions

Namaste Publishing is not accepting manuscript submissions at this time. If our policy changes we will post this on our website with submission guidelines. We will not be able to respond to unsolicited submissions and related inquiries.

At Namaste we believe everyone's journey is sacred, and based on the many submissions we have received over the years, those of you who submit manuscripts do too. The majority of requests we receive to review manuscripts are from writers who want to share their personal stories and the insights gleaned through their challenges and spiritual travels. Others want to share their discoveries and approaches to spirituality, enlightenment, and the present moment, among other valuable concepts. Many authors, though they know we are not accepting submissions at this time, ask us to make the exception this one time, and review their manuscript. Please don't do this.

Though we are not accepting new submissions at this time, we behold the sacredness of your personal journey to higher consciousness, and we are honored that you sought to entrust us with your manuscript.

We receive many requests for guidance in how to get published. The best guidance we can give is to go to your local bookstore or library, and explore the many books available on the subject of publishing from publishing houses to self-publishing. These books offer a wealth of information and will guide you through the necessary steps, from writing to locating a literary agency to finding the right publisher. Also, speak to authors in your area, and ask for their insights and leads. There are perhaps many other avenues that will open up to you as you set the intention to publish your work.

The publishing arena is a challenging one for writers, particularly new writers who do not yet have a platform. There are thousands of manuscripts received daily by publishers, but only a select few, if any, survive beyond the desk top pile and end up in the hands of the deciding editor. Generally, those that make it are manuscripts that are unique and not redundant of what has already been published out there, manuscripts that promise to ignite readers' passion for the content, works that bring a different perspective, a unique writing style, or a clever story twist.

We wish you much success with publishing your book!